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Weekends 20 August through 2 October 2016

The Minnesota Rennaissance Festival is a month-long fair recreating life in 16th-century Europe. Held on a 22-acre (89,000 sq metre) field in Jonathan, Minnesota every autumn, the festival offers food, shopping, and entertainment... read more

September and October 2016

Taking place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, this festival is sometimes referred to as 'Lantern Festival' (not to be confused with the Lantern Festival which ends Chinese New... read more

30 October 2016

India's most popular traditional festival, with its origins deeply rooted in Hindu mythology, turns the streets of Delhi (and all major cities in India) into a carnival each year. And while Diwali (the... read more

30 September - 2 October 2016

Celebrating the Southern Right Whale, the annual Hermanus Whale Festival is an enviro-arts festival, celebrating the local art and crafts and the environment in equal measure. The event is immensely popular, now attracting... read more